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5 ways to make the most out of Hosting a Ghost Family

How to Host a Ghost Family this Halloween

What a perfect time of year to haunt your house! This is why we’ve provided you with your very own ghost family in your Halloween YearCheer box to make sure your home is ready for the big day. When you create your family of ghosts, you open the door to countless ghoulish activities for the whole family. 

We’re sharing a couple of our favorites and can’t wait to see yours ‘come to life!’...get it?

  1. Hide-and-peek! Take turns moving the ghost around the house and your family has to search for it each day. Where will your little ghost pop up next?
  2. Ghost stories: Did you know even ghosts love to hear ghost stories? Invite your ghost to nightly story time to read along with you, or make up your own spooky tales on the back of your Ghost Naming certificate!
  3. Fashion Show: Your ghosts come with a variety of stickers so you can dress each ghost up and show their personalities! 
  4. Meet n’ Greet: Make sure to bring your ghost around the house to see all of your other Halloween decorations and creatures; they like to know they’re not the only spooky guests in the house.
  5. Hello My Name Is: Don’t forget to give your ghost a name! Make sure to fill out your naming certificate with their name and a fun keepsake of your kids handwriting this year. 

Happy Haunting!

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