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I'm Katie, the founder and creator of YearCheer. I'm a wife, mother to 4, Corporate Retail Executive and chief "magic maker" in my household.

I created YearCheer to help other busy moms create awesome moments and fun memories for their kids without...

Hours spent on the internet - overwhelmed by the optionsMultiple trips to stores around town - only to find that what you are looking for is already out of stockLate nights after everyone is in bed - scrounging around trying to create that "magical" moment for your familyMom Guilt - that feeling that you aren't doing enough

YearCheer is the solution for busy moms (like me) who want to create memorable moments for their kids, but are so busy managing the day to day of their work and family that "having fun" often falls to the bottom of the to-do list.  We want to make it easy for you to show your kids how loved and important they are to you - no matter how busy you are.  


Decorate - with just enough Cheer to make your kids excited, but not so much that you feel like you are living in a preschool. Our decorations and table setting can be set up in less than 10 minutes and always look great.

Connect - YearCheer delivers fun activities and games that are ready right out of the box to allow you to instantly create moments of true connection whenever the time is right for you.

Have Fun - We deliver kid tested surprises that are fun for kids of all ages - but especially for kids age 4-10. We test items to make sure they are things your kids will keep coming back to. These items can either disappear or be saved in your YearCheer box for next year's celebrations.

This is the childhood your kids will remember. 
Let YearCheer help you make it a memorable one.


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