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Counting Down To Halloween

Spooky season is here and we could not be more excited! Not only does this kick off our favorite time of the year, but our Halloween YearCheer box gives us a festive way to count down in style. 

The felt Halloween countdown calendar is a fun way to track the days until the big (candy-filled) night. I think many of us grew up with a version of this calendar for Christmas and have fond memories counting down those 25 special days of December. We’ve taken a ghoulish spin on it for Halloween; sparking new memories for years to come!

While you can always play along by simply adding a little critter to each day, we’re offering some fun ways to mix it up with your family. 

  1. Show off your monster moves! Take turns among your family choosing a creature to add to each day. That person also has to do a funny dance based on their selection. This could be an energetic way to send them off to school or a silly way to send them to bed. Either way, get those spider legs moving. 

  1. Choose a theme for each week and only use those critters. You could do weekly themes like ‘Pumpkin Patch’, ‘Monster Mania’, ‘Costume Contest’, and more!

  1. Learning Activities: for preschoolers just learning their colors, letters or numbers your Halloween calendar is a great place to practice.  Simply ask you child to point to specific numbers, find the purple pieces, find all the pieces that start with letter "P."  For older kids you could have them do math facts associated with the number of the day or make up a story or poem associated with the icon of the day!

Let us know if you try any of these ideas, or share if you have your own ideas.  We can't wait to share all the other fun ways to use your Halloween YearCheer box this year!

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