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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Get ready for an Epic Easter Egg Hunt!

Step 1:

- Decorate your yard or house with our Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Step 2:

Choose One of these fun variations to add even more fun to your egg hunt:

Puzzle Hunt:

  • Break up a puzzle and put a piece into each egg and hide them around the house or outside. The kids have to find all the eggs to be able to put the puzzle together. Do this with all 4 puzzles by hiding each in a different color egg and assigning each of your kids 1-2 colors to find.

Backwards Easter Egg Hunt:

  • Let the kids hide the eggs for the parents to find. Have them fill the eggs with the Activity Cards and watch as crack up as you "cluck like a chicken," "hop like a bunny" and more.

Activity filled Easter Egg:

  • Download our Easter Activity Cards here to stuff your Easter Eggs. Hide them around the house and have the kids hunt for them. Once everyone finds them open the eggs and perform what is in your egg.


Find your name:

  1. Write the letters of your children's names on the Easter Eggs. Have each child find the eggs with the letters of their name on them. For younger children, give them a card with the letters of their name to follow.

 Golden Egg:

  • Hide a golden egg somewhere special and customize the prize to fit your family. Some ideas include: a special candy, cash, or a special activity for the one who finds the egg.

Step 3:

Keep the fun going with our Egg and Spoon and Bunny Sack Races!

We hope these ideas help inspire you to have a super fun Easter Morning this year!




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